In our day and age where technology infiltrates every component of our lives, it may seem unnecessary or cumbersome to own a watch, let alone a mechanical one. Why buy and wear a separate watch when my phone can tell me the time? 

In a strictly practical sense, it’s quite understandable to rely on your various devices for time-telling; However, mechanical watches are much more than just a time-teller. There is a reason why so many renown businessmen and women, politicians, athletes, and so on invest in luxury mechanical watches. To own a mechanical watch is an investment in time, art, and culture. 

Mechanical watches come with their own unique and marvelling type of practicality: they do not require a battery. These wondrous little pieces of artistry contain movements which are powered by the winding of the spring which is subsequently stored and regulated for energy use. Just by winding it a few times, it will last on average two days and maintains an accuracy of 99.9 percent. Due to this, mechanical watches tend to last way longer than any other type of watch. Thus, investing in an expensive, high-quality mechanical watch can be well worth the money. 

However, apart from the practicality, the artistry of mechanical watches are a quite beautiful and dignified matter. They can vary in style, yet one commonality that they all share is their sense of classiness and grandeur. Owning just one trusty mechanical watch can serve as an elevation to one’s appearance. And unlike digital, analog, and even automatic watches, mechanical watches will always hold its place in fashion. It is a true ‘timeless’ piece of art you can wear. 

As an accessory and piece of art, its longevity is also an element to cherish and appreciate. In our disposable age where cheap, wasteful products are purchased just to be thrown away after a couple of years of even months, investing in an ageless watch serves as a direct opposition to this harmful trend.

Perhaps one of the most distinguishing features of a mechanical watch is its craftsmanship and culture. The time, mastership, and dedication that a mechanical watch requires to build should be appreciated and recognized. Although the watchmaking craft is close to 500 years old, it is nowhere near obsolete even in our technologically advanced world. By owning and wearing one of these objet d’arts, you choose to keep the art of mechanical craftsmanship alive. 

With all of these unique and valuable features, mechanical watches pose a certain level of dignity and class. Investing in one of these timeless pieces, it also shows an element of elegance in the owner. After all, the art is only a reflection of the artist.