Rotate Watches, as supporters of the NAACP and Colors of Change, stands in solidarity with the #stophateforprofit movement. Thereby, effective July 1st, we are pulling all paid advertising from Facebook-owned platforms for the entire month to put economic pressure on Facebook to reform and change. 

As a small business, this warrants many challenges, yet there was no hesitation when we made this more-than-necessary decision. We believe that all companies, including us,  hold the responsibility to be a part of the enactors of change and pressure Facebook to take more accountability in their flaws. 

Throughout the years, Facebook has taken minimal-to-no action when it comes to controlling harmful misinformation and hate speech. This has led to dangerous effects including the perpetuation of dire issues such as racism and voter suppression. This is never acceptable, but all the more troubling in the current political climate as Facebook continuously allows groups and individuals to urge violence against those protesting for racial justice in the names of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and so many others. 

Facebook must pay attention and take action against these disturbing uses of its powerful social media platforms. Because of the minimal proactivity on Facebook’s behalf, campaigns like #StopHateForProfit must take charge. It lies in us as corporations, businesses, and consumers, to give Facebook no choice but to take accountability. 

Our voices and wallets are a powerful tool already being used to amplify our concerns as Facebook has recently announced their reaction and next steps. However, it is important to note that this is just the beginning. The actions taken by Facebook are far from adequate. We must continue to push Facebook for the necessary and long-overdue change

Join us and many other companies to “hit pause on hate” by staying informed and supporting businesses that are participating in this cause.