Looking back, the evolution of how people tell the time is astounding. Centuries of staring at the sky finally inspired someone to figure out that the length of a day can be counted. What started out with a stick that was mounted perpendicular to the ground turned into a complex mechanism that boasts incredible accuracy. Only the best craftsmen with an understanding of timekeeping and its nuances were able to earn the distinction of being the first horologists. Now, Rotate Watches gives us the opportunity to build our own mechanical watch.

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We admit that the art of watchmaking takes years of to completely master. However, the idea of being involved in some form along the way has been a fascination for many. This is where Rotate Watches shines as it gives us a platform to flex our skills and love for the intricacies of the process. Ultimately, the satisfaction that one gets after successfully assembling their own timepiece is an experience of a lifetime.

What you have here are not your run-of-the-mill wristwatches that ship with quartz movements. Instead, Rotate watches delivers a reliable timekeeper with a robust manual movement. Moreover, given that the user had a hand in its completion, makes it even more special. Thus, take off those smartwatches/fitness trackers and break free from your smartphone and check out all the cool stuff Rotate Watches brings to the table.


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