In today’s world where we have access to millions of different watches with various features and price points, it may seem unnecessary and cumbersome to build your own. Why spend your precious time on watchmaking when you can just easily buy one? This is a completely understandable viewpoint, but also one that neglects the various wonders of watchmaking. To build your own watch is not only a form of craftsmanship, but also a master of technology.

Here’s why:

Ever since humans began to civilize, efforts have been made to deepen our understanding of time and horology. Time-keeping devices have been present for millennia and watches emerged more than 500 years ago. Yet, advancements are still being made to this day. This joint passion we as humans hold for continuous betterment and progress is portrayed through the new technological grounds we are breaking in numerous fields and time-keeping technology is one of the most deeply-rooted and ancient of them all. Thus, by choosing to build your own watch, you are not only appreciating the culture of watchmaking, but also helping to immortalize the valuable craft. 

Every watch is the product of human greatness and visualization of human intellect. By tinkering with this wondrous piece of technology (especially a mechanical watch due to its rich history), you get to fully experience the intellectual stimulation of bringing to life a small but powerful piece of technology. 

Aside from technological stimulation, watchmaking is also an expression of art. Watches, like no other accessory or jewelry, are a perfect marriage between technology and art. By building your own watch, you get to create a piece of beautiful living art that you showcase on your own wrist.

Buying a watch is a form of appreciating its place in fashion and its technological history. Yet, buying can never match the connection formed when building your own watch. By participating in the rich history of watchmaking, you not only appreciate but perpetuate the meaning and symbolism tied to watchmaking as well. Watches are pieces of art and technology waiting to be displayed in the gallery that is your wrist. So if you can, why not present your own artwork to the world?