Although 2020 is now nearing its end, new trends in fashion and accessories are still continuously being picked up and shared around the globe. 

When it comes to watches, a number of styles, colors, and designs are making a comeback, making their name in the watch world, or new staple models are being added to company lineups. While any wrist piece makes a statement, here is a list of what is hot this year in 2020:


1. Red Alert!

watch red analog

A variety of shades of red are being seen in the faces and straps of watches this year. Many brands, like HERMES, are hopping on the trend with a plethora of styles in this show-stopping color. Adding a pop of color to your watch can elevate any look in a simple way, yet allow you to stand out form the crowd. 


2. Slim Over Thick

watch women's fashion analog rose pink gold

Although being “thicc” is a popular trend in many areas of today’s society, many have traded out their bodied bands for a more trim and dainty silhouette in their watches this year. The thin design allows for a minimalist look that pairs well with any outfit and occasion. The materials and design options are endless when it comes to the slim look!


3. Blinged Out Faces

watch bling fashion

While minimalistic designs are well-liked among watch wearers, a little bling here and there can’t hurt! Instead of going overboard, subtle bling around the face of the watch adds a hint of elegance and sparkle to the design while still being classy. 


4. Vintage Feel (Rectangular)

watch rectangular vintage gold style

Round faces will always be a staple classic look on a watch, but some are opting this year for a different look. The Tank watch designed in the 1920s by Louis Carter helped put this face on the map. It soon became an iconic design — something that not only showed prestige but also skills in watchmaking. This year specifically is hot for this trend with a variety of budget-friendly and luxury models.