With the availability and convenience of quartz watches, as well as mobile connected wrist devices, it may not seem like a totally logical move to purchase a mechanical watch. Battery-powered pieces are nice, but mechanical ones are something completely different. 

If you’re on the fence about whether or not diving into the world of mechanical watches is for you, our guide may be able to show you the marvel of analog and convince you to swap out your current battery-powered piece for a world of gears and balances. 


What Exactly Is A Mechanical Watch?

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The term mechanical refers to a timepiece that is not powered by a battery or quartz movement. The more specific categories of this term include “automatic”, which is a timepiece with a rotor that rotates and powers the movement as you move your wrist. The other category is “hand-wound”, which is when you put in the work and wind the watch up yourself. 


The Magic Inside a Mechanical Watch

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All mechanical watches involve some manual labor to be built. The mechanical watch movements themself are made using sometimes over a thousand tiny pieces that are arranged in such a way to power functions. 

For some movements, the surfaces are decorated using special techniques to create a beautiful look. These finishes are usually just for aesthetic purposes, but they aid in showing these watch companies’ ability to offer such delicate and well-crafted products. 

This exhibition of craftsmanship of mechanical watches goes beyond just the movement. The hands, dial, markers, printing, case, the strap, and even the packaging are all major opportunities to showcase and highlight the crafts of a watchmaker and a high-quality product. 


Why Should I Buy Mechanical?

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It is certainly true that we live in a time where electronics and cell phones run our lives and fuel the “need” and desire to purchase frivolous and expensive nonessential items in that category. So why would someone want to buy a mechanical watch? Electronics certainly do have their place, as do timepieces. They are a link to history that date back hundreds of years, but also continue to constantly evolve and improve to make the experience of owning such a piece a timeless experience. So, don’t be scared of looking out of style!

Beyond that, there definitely is a more personal experience in owning a mechanical watch. While it may not take much time to wind timepiece every day, or require much thought to own one powered by a rotor, there is a connection between you and the watch. Without you, it wouldn’t work. That is definitely something you don’t get with a battery-powered piece.