A really good watch has the ability to provide owners with a plethora of beneficial functions. It can be an accurate reflection of your style, hobbies, interests, become a family keepsake, or be an investment. But above all, this watch has the ability to be the seed that begins your journey as a watch collector. 

Where should you start in this watch collecting journey? That answer comes from you. Start with what you naturally gravitate towards, what peaks your interest. Many watch collectors collections begin and rely on their passion and infatuation to guide their process. 

There is an entire world out there in the realm of watch collecting, which is filled with endless suggestions, critiques, and heavily detailed guides. But for now, this guide in particular will just fill the basic outline of where you should begin. So let’s go!



Find What YOU Like!

watch red analog

There is no wrong way to start this new collection of yours, but don’t forget to stick to what YOU truly like. The only wrong thing you could do is follow what others are doing and end up with a collection that doesn’t feel like a representation of who you are. Stick to your guns!

You could start with an era (50’s Rolex), theme (diving), or anything in between that you think of. There’s a lot you can do with what initially looks like a quite narrow category, as it broadens when you look at the time periods or materials you can choose from. By aiming your focus on a general theme or idea, it makes it possible to collect different timepieces from multiple different brands while still keeping a focus and learning more about the history and pieces themselves. Buy what makes you happy. 



Start With The Well Known

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You can never go wrong by picking an icon. These types of watches are considered so reliable and well known due to their history and quality. A few examples are the Rolex Submariner, Cartier Tank, Rolex Air King, OMega Speedmaster, or the Patek Phillipe Calatrava. What these watches have in common is that they are all quite simple. The time that they have been around is astounding, and it doesn’t look like the time is coming for them to go out of style soon. 



Dive Deep!

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Finding that area of interest that you want to pursue in your collecting journey is extremely important. If you want your collection to be coherent, you need to know what you want, and know enough about it to make the right moves. Once that happens, your collection will naturally begin to grow in size, as well as the watches on your list to purchase in the future. 

If you love divers, you may desire to get your hands on Zodiac’s unique Sea Wolf. Or maybe you’ve become obsessed with Panerai’s new partnership with the Royal Italian Navy. What you start with has the ability to be what you end with. You get the idea!


Do It Yourself

If you still feel like you may not know where your interests and passion lies within the world of watch collecting, another possible route is building your own. While this may be more time consuming than going out and buying the completed product, the process of hand crafting your own timepiece gives you total ownership and a true connection to the piece itself. You’ll definitely grow a newfound respect and appreciation for how these pieces are so carefully made. 

One company dominating this category is Rotate Watches. With multiple watch styles to choose from, they give you the unique opportunity to build your own watch with every item you could possibly need to complete the task in their all in one kits. Take a look for yourself and see if this is what speaks to you. Good luck!