Did you read the quick guide first? It has important information that these tips are useless without. Tips and tricks on watch collecting begins below:


1. Do your homework on the watch you decide to seek out:

So now you know the quick guide, how do you utilize this guide to your benefit. First off, you’re your homework on the watches you are interested in buying. For instance, find out the correct price for that watch. Discover the history of the piece. Is it in the style or brand you truly wish to target? Do you already have a similar piece? Is there value in the watch, either in money or in your opinion?

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2. Set a budget and do not go over:

A great way to destroy your collection, before even starting, is by not having a set budget for the entire collection. Also have a set price ceiling for every watch you are targeting. Going over the budget will result in an incomplete collection. If a watch you want for your collection is higher priced then you are willing to spend do not buy it.


3. Do not buy a watch you like the first time you see it:

After seeing a watch, you desire spend a few days or weeks considering if it is correct for you collection. You might like that piece today, but will you like it tomorrow or will there be a different watch you want to buy instead? Do not impulse buy, again do your homework, a collection is a lengthy time process, it does not happen in one day, month, or even year. A good collection will take years of hunting.


4. Protect and care for your collection:

This seems obvious, but it cannot be overstated. You have done hard work to accrue your collection, now you must protect it. Get the right cases, the correct cleaning supplies, and tools. Treat your watches with care or your collection will be worth nothing.


 5. Do not compromise:

Lastly and most importantly, do not compromise on the watch you want. After you do your homework and set a budget, a piece can be decided on. Get the timepiece you desire, not one that is like it or similar. Do not settle for the next best thing, buy what you want not the best value.

Good luck in your watch collecting adventures!

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