Recently we covered creating a watchmaking collection, a quick guide and tips and tricks for creating the collection. This week’s article will discuss buying a watch, whether it is for your collection, or just a timepiece you like. 


1. Price 

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona "Paul Newman Oyster Sotto unique

The price of a watch is one of the biggest determinations when deciding whether to purchase the piece. Watches that are far too expensive will remain out of your budget. On the other hand, cheapness can also be a red flag. A cheap watch could be poorly made or even counterfeit. Pay attention to the price of the watch you are buying and those of similar pieces. If the price is way higher, or lower, then your expectation, steer clear from that watch. 


2. Movement type

Patek Phillipe Reference 2499 watch

Consider if the movement is quartz, mechanical, automatic or digital. The movement is the heart of the watch, and you’ll need to decide what kind of movement you prefer. All have their distinctive pros and cons. Also, consider what complications each movement has – complications are ‘extra features’ in a movement that provide a unique touch. 


3. Purchase from a trusted source

Graff Diamonds Hallucination

There are millions or counterfeit watches created and sold each year. Make sure the person or company selling you the timepiece is legitimate by checking their reviews, online presence, and certifications. Pay attention to the price, as it oftentimes serves as an indicator of quality.


4. Straps

Breguet Marie Antoinette Grand Complication Pocket Watch

Straps can make or break the overall design. A bad looking strap will result in a terrible looking timepiece and a waste of money. A poorly made strap will wear down easily over time. Keep in mind the straps’ materials, length, and style when considering a watch. 


5. Brand

There are thousands of watchmakers in the world today. Find the brand that is right for you. Does it create pieces you like, or do they just have one watch you desire, (maybe you might not like that watch later since you dislike the brand)? Does the brand have a comprehensive history of watchmaking? Brand name can also result in higher prices. Investigate to see if you are buying the watch or the brand.