Watch blogs are a great way for someone with a love for watches to share their passion with the world. Watch bloggers interact with their favorite watch styles, trends, and ideas of the timepiece world. Below are 5 steps to help you start your own watch column.


1. Choose your style

Watch columns can vary in their style and substance. Choosing your theme of your watch blog is the most important aspect of creating a blog. Posts can range from, vintage watches, watch trends, watch reviews, or even outfits to where certain timepieces with. Pick a blog that is relevant to your passion and write posts concerning that.


2. Make a website to post your blog on

Step two would be to make a website. This is obvious as you need a place to post, but making a website is more then as it seems. Make your website easy for users to interact with. You want them to read your blog and ease of use is the most important factor determining whether the blog is read or not. Use your website also as a way to promote your social media, more on that in step 3.


3. Use social media

Make accounts on any social media that you believe would be helpful to your blog. Instagram is the best choice. Use social media as a companion to your blog. YouTube is also a great companion to a watch review. Post when you write a blog and interact with people on your social media to grow your following.


4. Post on a schedule

This is also important. Try to post on a schedule. Once a week on Monday is a good idea, for instance. This will allow users to know when to check for the next post to get maximum exposure to everyone. It will also create a sense of excitement each week knowing when the next post will be released.


5. Interact with others

Have a comment section and interact with your users. Answer their questions and input their suggestions. This is also the point where you do collaborations. Reach out to watch brands or other watch blogs that you think would be a useful contribution to your blog and try to collaborate with them.


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