The success of the podcast industry is growing at a tremendous rate. Especially in society today, living in a pandemic, having a different type of outlet like podcasting is a great getaway and form of entertainment for people. There are podcasts for every hobby or topic you can think of; from true crime, comedy, Drag Queens, and so on. Whatever you are interested in mostly likely there’s a podcast for you! 

For those who love watches and learning more about them and the industry itself, there are a plethora of watch podcasts out on all platforms for you to tune into. We’ve compiled a list of just a few of the best we’ve found. Check them out!



Watch and Listen Podcast

The Watch and Listen Podcast is hosted by well known content creator Matt Farah and Co-host Cameron Weiss. Part of Weiss Watch Company, Weiss is also a true watchmaker, who crafts the movements himself for his brand right here in Los Angeles. Because of his rich background and skill within the industry, he is able to translate that knowledge into the podcast, giving listeners a fun and easy way to learn more about watches and industry for themselves. Beyond just posting audio recordings of their show, they also simulcast with visual video recordings to enhance the experience if that’s what viewers are looking for. Matt Farah adds a lovable, charismatic personality to the podcast, with his loud, opinionated comments and thoughts in every episode. This duo is the perfect balance of knowledge and humor that keeps listeners engaged and brings them back to tune in every week. 



Worn & Wound Podcast

Worn & Wound covers a large range of topics, serving as a communal place for watch lovers of all corners of the community to come together. Their focus lands on affordable watches as well as micro bands, highlighting up and coming brands to help them gain exposure and popularity among watch consumers listening in. 

This podcast has been steady and strong for a number of  years now. Their content is strong and entertaining, with feature interviews with big names in the watch industry, and even some watch collectors. 



Two Broke Watch Snobs

Cohosts, Michael and Kaz, have been in the podcast industry for about two years now. Although they haven’t been around too long, they have quickly been able to fill a void within the watch podcast community/ blogging world. Their show mirrors honest, real, organic conversation about watches you would find between close friends. Never boring, their content sounds similar to “bar talk” to listeners, with inappropriate jokes, personal stories, as well as important advice and life perspectives on watch collecting.  

They focus mostly of the affordable watch category, allowing a large majority of listeners and consumers tuning in to relate and get on board with. Not strictly tied to this category though, they do have fun talking about whatever else comes to mind during their conversations. 



The watch space in podcasting is not as big as some others right now, but it has great potential to continue to expand and gain popularity in the next few years to come. It is still however a great space for watch enthusiasts. So, if you’re looking for a fresh perspective on watches and a new way to gain some knowledge on the industry besides reading, podcasts are definitely a fun approach. Take a break, and have a listen for yourself!