Protecting your watch is an integral part of your watch collection journey. Without adequate watch maintenance, your watch won’t survive for very long. Certain watch maintenance tasks should be done daily, while other tasks should be done every half decade. Read on to learn more tips on how to successfully maintain your watch!


1.    Understand your watch’s purpose

Before wearing your watch, you’ll need to understand what it was designed for. Figure out if the watch is waterproof, designed to be worn in a rugged environment, or if it was meant for a special and formal occasion. Wearing your watches into the right environment is by far the most important step when trying to successfully maintain your watch.


2. Have a watch case 

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A watch case can help reduce the need for watch maintenance. If the watch is expensive or special have a watch case or at the very least a watch stand to hold your watch. Keeping your watch secure will make sure it is not exposed and at risk of breaking or chipping. A watch case or stand will help ensure the watch’s long term safety.


3. Have the right tools

Wear the right straps that fit the watch and make sure it’s a good fit on your wrist. Have the correct tools needed if you want to do work on the watch. For instance, use a screwdriver designed for a watch rather than a standard tool kit screwdriver. An incorrect tool can result in the breaking or chipping of your watch.


4.    Only do work on the watch if you understand what you are doing

Watch maintenance can be tough. Never do work on the watch if you do not understand what you’re doing. You could unintentionally injure or destroy the watch. Watches are delicate and tend to need a professional hand when being worked on. One false action can result in the end of your watch. Take your mechanical watch in to get serviced by a professional every 5 years to ensure longevity and make any necessary repairs.


5.    Clean your watch properly

Make sure to wipe the watch down correctly with a microfiber rage. Use a soft brush to clean the watch. This can be a watch brush or a toothbrush, a hard brush could result in scratching and injury to the watch. Avoid using harsh solutions that could damage the coating on the watch case.


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