It can be hard to decide just what is the best watch faces with the countless offerings around the world. I am here to help. Below is a list of my preferred watch dials.


1. Dial: Patek Phillipe Grand Complications, Yellow Gold

I have not been able to stop salivating over this watch since I first happened upon it a few months ago.  My love for this watch face originates from my excitement towards the triple dial setup. I love these types of watch faces, especially due to their practicality yet elegant style. I am also drawn to the beautiful secondhand semi dial with the starry night background.  Finally, I am further drawn to the gold on white setting created by the face, watch case, and hands.


2. Unique watch dial: The Berkeley Emperor Prince Tourbillon

jewel highlight Rotate kits used for watchmaking

I love transparent watches like this one. I think people forget that a watch is more then just the watch face, the internals are just as beautiful and important as the outside. Because of this I am drawn to transparent watches since they bring light to the beautiful insides of a watch. I am drawn to this particular watch dial because of its unique shape and differentiating transparency. Unlike other transparent watches, this watch shows the user the beautiful interior and more with the full transparency. I also love the square shape of this watch, too many transparent watches are rounded and that makes this watch even more unique.



3. Digital watch face: Casio G Shock X Gorillaz Connected Pink and Blue

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I am, unsurprisingly, drawn to the color scheme of this digital watch. I am not a fan of many digital watches, because I believe they can sometime be too gaudy, that said I think this watch is just perfectly balanced between gaudy and simplistic. I love how the two colors seem to build off of each other. I also am a fan of the simple and easy to read digital display.


4. Honorable mention: Timex Standard x Peanuts Featuring Snoopy Halloween

In full disclosure I am drawn to this beauty because of my personal wearing watch history. My first watch was a Timex, not too unlike this one. I especially love the cartoon theming of this watch. Snoopy is drawn beautifully and fits perfectly into the red watch face.


5. Favorite watch face overall: Rolex GMT-Master II

This is my favorite by far. I love a simplistic design. I think this watch face presents the most simple yet elegant design compared to almost any watch. The easy to read hands and time is a further driver of my favoritism towards this watch face. I also especially love the half and half case of this design.


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