Interested in a chronograph watch, but unsure what they are and why they are useful? Below is all the information you could ever want about chronograph watches. The chronograph watch combines a stopwatch and a normal watch face to create a beautifully independent sweeping second hand that can be started or stopped depending on the pressure of the stem.


History of the Chronograph Watch

Early versions of this watch were marked with a pen to indicate time. The first iteration of the watch type was witnessed at the beginning of the 19th century.

Originally designed for astronomy, the king of France saw these new watches and became infatuated with them as a way to time his racehorses. Then, the watch became available for commercial purchase. Eventually, these pocket watches became more like the ones available for purchase today.

Pilots particularly enjoy using these watches. As such their popularity grew immensely with the growth of the aviation industry.

Moreover, many early astronauts used these watches for many of the same reasons as the aviation industry.

Today, most famous mechanical watch companies produce chronograph wristwatches, including Citizen, Zenith, and Seiko. The Swiss Chronometer institute tests these watches for accuracy.


Uses and Functions of a Chronograph Watch


Many pilots use a chronograph watch to make precise calculations and keep track of time. Their ease of use allows for anyone who needs to do precise and quick timekeeping to utilize the watch.

Naval subs, racing teams, and machine workers are all examples of who would use this type of watch. Any race timekeeping can be done with a chronograph, including horse races. Hospitals also use these watches to record heartbeats over a set amount of time.

These watches also have the normal function of telling time elegantly just like any other wristwatch.


Examples of Chronograph Watches

There are many different examples of chronograph watches throughout watchmaking history. Here are some unique options that have been created:


Seiko Flyback-Automatic

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The specialty of this watch is that the user does not need to stop and restart the chronograph to time a new event.


Double Chronograph Wristwatch

This watch made by the Gallet Watch Company utilizes two separate stopwatch mechanisms with two different seconds hands.

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