With the large assortment of watches available to the consumer today, it can be hard to know what watch styles are useful to have in your wardrobe. Below is a list of suggested watch styles to keep in your closet, and, as an added bonus, some sample watches for your perusal! 


1. Smart Watch

At this point, almost every wardrobe should include a smartwatch of some sort. The benefits of smartwatches to the wearer grow with each new installment. Just the ability to have multiple watch faces to pair with any outfit should be a reason to pursue this watch for your collection. Need more encouragement? Some of these watches also make phone calls and answer text messages. There is not much these watches cannot do at this point, meaning there should be no reason to not have this style of watch.

An example of this watch type is the Apple smart watch:

Now on the sixth iteration of their smartwatch, Apple’s watch can do almost anything any other smartwatch on the market can do, including health and fitness tracking and cellular capabilities and as an added bonus I think the watch is by far one of the more fashionable smart watches on the market at the moment.



2. Mechanical


This is an analog type of watch. These watches tend to be a luxury piece and as such should be for the nicer luxurious part of your wardrobe. Find a mechanical watch that exudes luxury to pair with your most fashionable outfits. These watches tend to be at least somewhat handmade due to their intricacy. Their price extends from the trouble that comes with their production. Due to their luxury and price, it would be best to not wear them frequently, as long as you chose the luxurious option of the watch style. They also must be hand wound and lose accuracy quicker than other watches, which all adds up to the reason to wear this style only with formal or fashionable outfits.

An example of this watch type is the Tissot Excellence Automatic Watch:

This watch is certainly luxurious, but I am especially drawn to the simplicity and elegance of the watch. A formal watch of this type should not be too flashy to overpower the wearer’s outfit, but due to the price you are paying the watch should still be noticeable. I think this watch from Tissot achieves exactly that.



3. Quartz

rotate watches blog post dart board image

Quartz watches are best for a customer who seeks an everyday watch. The quartz watch can be inexpensive, but still elegant and a beautiful accessory piece to any wardrobe. Their ease of use and self-winding ability is also a major benefit. Not having to remember to wound a watch every day would be beneficial to any user.

An example for this type of watch is the Citizen Nighthawk:

A big reason for suggesting this watch is the solar abilities. Never having to remember to change a battery for an everyday watch should be a massive plus to any user. This watch is also a chronograph which if you read our last article, would be a major benefit to any wearer of the watch.


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