New year new you right? And with a new you comes a new wardrobe, so how about a nice new watch for that wardrobe? Below are some suggestions for your 2021 watch selection! 


Kintaro Hattori 160th Anniversary Limited Edition

Rotate Watch display cases- brown open

Price: $29,000

This beauty from Seiko will be available in the first month of 2021. The most expensive watch on this list makes up for it with its history and limited availability. This watch was created to celebrate the anniversary of the birth of the company’s founder and the founding of the Seiko company. I particularly like the simplicity but elegance of this watch. This watch is not flashy but still would greatly improve any new year wardrobe. This timepiece also comes in an elegant gold that would amplify any wardrobe. 


Grant Chronograph Brown Leather Watch


Price: $74.50

A cheaper and more everyday watch, this timepiece from fossil with being a great addition to your new year wardrobe. We were especially drawn to the dial set up of this watch. We loved the setup of the second hand especially. This watch also comes in a gold case with a blue dial, if black is not for you. As an added bonus this watch should be more rugged than some other offerings on this list, with a water resistance rating up to 5 ATM.


G-Shock Move 

rotate watches blog post dart board image

Price: $399

The solar-powered G-Shock Move is for those who want to make a statement with their watch. The Move is a perfect watch for the athletic wardrobe. The G-Shock Move would be an excellent choice for those who workout or spend a lot of their time outside. This watch even measures heart rate and running distance. It also comes in 2 other colors: orange and white.


The Seiko Prospex

Price: $450-900

A divers watch that is rated for 200-300 meters, depending on the style, this watch is also an elegant and excellent addition to any New Year wardrobe. We are especially drawn to the ability to wear this watch with casual or formal attire due to its simplicity and beauty. 


The Galileo by Rotate Watches 

rotate watches completed mechanical watch genuine leather straps

Price: $195

How about this year, you build your own watch? One of our in-house watches, the Galileo is a build-your-own mechanical watch. Paired with a black or blue suit, this watch will highlight any fashion of your choice. As an added bonus you can also partake in the centuries-old art of watchmaking and wear an accomplishment around your wrist every day.


If you want to look at our other watches for your New Year wardrobe, our shop is here. Also, check out our other blog posts here.