For watch enthusiasts, there are so many different watch-specific platforms to soothe their cravings for watch content – blogs, social media, and magazines to name just a few. Watch magazines are an excellent way to stay updated on all-things-watch-related. It can be tough to know which ones to start with. We here at Rotate have got you covered! Below are some of the hottest magazines to satiate those cravings.


1. WatchTime

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For many, this is the go-to option when searching for watch reviews. Claiming to be America’s number one watch magazine, WatchTime covers anything a watch enthusiast could imagine. They do watch reviews, watch tests, watch photography, company profiles, and more. Their magazines are available online for under $10 per issue. The WatchTime website is also worth checking out if you don’t want to subscribe to the paper magazine.


2. Hodinkee

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A major player in the watch enthusiast world on top of everything else they do: Hodinkee has an amazing watch magazine. Their watch magazines are highly professional and well written. They do watch reviews, critiques, and easy-to-understand watch content. For anyone looking to get started with a magazine, this is the one for you. They’re priced at $32 dollars, with each volume being large and less frequently released. Their site is also highly recommended, with watch enthusiasts all over the world tuning into their content. 


3. Monochrome Watches

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Dedicated readers would recognize this company from our Instagram blogs-to-follow post. Monochrome Watches has magazines as well. They are an online watch magazine without a print version available, though you can subscribe to their newsletter.  Monochrome Watches is perfect for those who are looking to read a publication about watch news and updates.


4. Revolution Magazine

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For those who are looking for a luxury watch magazine, this is the one for you. This magazine specializes in luxury watch reviews. Rolex, Paneri, Seiko, Hublot, and more are some luxury brands that can be found in their magazine. They have their magazines separated by region: US, China, European countries, and more. Their magazines tend to range from $9-15 per magazine and are definitely worth a read. 

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