Our newest watch kits, the Eiffel and the Newton, use a Miyota 8215 automatic movement! The movement is the heart of the watch. It makes the watch tick and accurately tells time. Everything to know and more about Miyota movements begins below.


1. Miyota’s Brief History

Movement close up

The history of the Miyota movement and overall company begins with the very recognizable Japanese watch company, Citizen Watches. Miyota started as a factory for Citizen movements at the end of the 1950s in the city of Miyota, Japan. By 1980, they switched to producing their own movements for sale to other companies and customers. Since then, the company has expanded its offerings for all types of watches and companies. Miyota is currently a partial subsidiary of the Citizen brand.

Miyota is one of the most famous and well-respected watch brands out there. Their movements are assembled in Japan using only Japanese parts, allowing them to ensure high-quality movements. They undergo strict quality checks before being delivered to customers. Their movements are preferred worldwide for durability, ease of assembly, and high impact resistance. 

Miyota operates with a sustainable factory concept that strongly cares for human rights, labor practices, and environmental considerations. Their factories have measures in place to lower ground surface temperature and incorporates LED lighting and compressors to reduce electricity and gas consumption. 


2. Different Models

Rotate Watch Components

The most popular model is the 2000 series movements. The model we use in our watch kits is an 8000 series model. Miyota’s full selection includes multi-function movements, chronographs, slim movements, and skeleton movements. 


3. Features 

Miyota 8215 Movement

The specific movement used in our watch kits is the Miyota 8125. This movement is a standard automatic movement with three hands attached. It is over 11 centimeters in diameter and about 5 millimeters high. The movement sports a 21 jewel design, runs for 42 hours, and has great accuracy, only losing up to 20 seconds per day.


4. Miyota Movements Fun Fact

Miyota owns the record for the most produced watch movement in the world with the Cal. 2035 movement which was first introduced in 1981. The series 2000 movements are still popular today.


Now that you know more about Miyota movements, why not use one to build your own watch? Check out our store today to get your hands on a Miyota Movement and watch kit! Also if you have not already go check out our past blog post for other information on watches and watchmaking.