Move aside, standard watch models! Wacky watches come in all shapes and sizes, below are some of our team’s favorites, available right now!


1. Trappist-1 by Xeric 

Movement close up

First on our list is the Trappist-1 or Moonphase watch made by Xeric. This crazy watch ought our eye with its watch face in the form of a moon! What other watch can you wear that makes you feel like a moon is on your wrist? The description provided by Xeric illuminate further that the watch is designed to display the stars on your wrist. We also especially like the Nasa theme on the watch as well.


2. Devon Tread 1f

Rotate Watch movement and finger cots

Definitely not one of the cheaper watches on this list, the Tread 1f is definitely a wack watch. How can you not be drawn or at least curious about this watch? It makes for a great conversation starter. We especially like the wacky way of telling the time that Devon produced for this watch. 


3. Qlocktwo w35

Miyota 8215 Movement

One of the coolest and most wacky watches we could think of, this watch totally makes you rethink everything you thought about what made a watch face. The Qlocktwo is one of a kind. Some of their offerings do not even provide the user with a number rather than a word telling you the time. How cool is that! 


4. Ziiiro Celeste Gunmetal Mono

For our final watch, a relatively inexpensive and still wacky and awesome watch, the Ziiiro Celeste Gunmetal Mono. The way that this watch tells time is so unique, just like the watches on this list before it, but it still manages to look elegant. This watch’s unique dial seems to bring you in and set you at ease. We just love the way this watch looks.


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