Don’t want to just buy another watch for that special person in your life? Outside of a standard watch, there are many exciting things to buy for a watch lover. Watch collectors require more than just the watch to perfect their collections. Gift ideas for the watch lover in your life are below! 


1. Watch Straps

Watch straps

A watch strap can make or break a watch. They can also make the watch more or less comfortable to wear. They can be a chain, leather, or something else entirely. Not only that, but they’re also the easiest part of a watch to customize. Added up, the watch band is integral to the watch lover in your life. Help your recipient take their wardrobe to the next level and give their current watches a fresh new look! 

Some examples that we like:

  1. Hirsch Merino Artisan Sheep Leather Watch Strap
  2. Rotate Watches Quick-Release Genuine Leather Watch Straps


2. Watch Display


Rotate Display Case

The watch lover in your life likely has many watches in their collection. These watches need to be displayed with a good watch display case or stand. Some cases are designed to protect the watches inside, some have a functional purpose, and some are for aesthetics. Figure out what is best for your watch lover’s collection. You can also find cases that protect and show off the watches as well if you want the best of both worlds.

Some examples that we like:

  1. The Watch Cone
  2. Rotate Watches Watch Display Case
  3. Watch Winder Display for Mechanical Watches


3. Watch Tool Kit

Miyota 8215 Movement

Maybe the watch lover in your life likes to service their own watches. If they do, a watch tool kit would be the perfect gift for them. Tools that allow for the repairing and working with a watch are essential to any watch collection. There are many different tools available, but some suggestions would be sets that have a case press and opening knife, tweezers, screwdrivers, and a spring bar tool.

An example that we like:

  1. Googujia Watch Repair Tool Kit


4. Build Your Own Watch Kit

Rotate Watches all-in-one watchmaking kits perfect DIY hobby gift for tinkers

We are a homer for this one, but the best thing to buy a watch lover is a way to build his own watch. This can show a watch enthusiast a different side of the watch world they haven’t seen before. These skills are transferable and can open the door to their next favorite hobby: watchmaking. All the tools and parts needed are included in the kits. The watch kit is a perfect and unique gift for that watch lover in your life.

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