When you watch movies, do you pay attention to the watches the characters are wearing? We certainly have! Though they are not always featured in the movie, a watch can complete the outfit in a certain scene or even the entire movie. Sometimes watches are deliberately placed in the scene for advertising purposes, while others fit the character. Below are some of our favorite watches seen in movies. Warning – spoilers ahead!


1. James Bond’s Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Ref. 2900 in Casino Royal

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What list about watches in movies would be complete without a James Bond watch. Every Bond film has the titular character featuring an elegant luxurious watch that is hard to miss, or even highlighted, in almost every scene. The newer Bond films feature many different Omega watches. A fan-favorite, Casino Royal, also happens to feature one of our favorite Omega watches that Bond wears, the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean. Spoiler alert! The 600-meter water resistance is very useful to Bond as well.


2. Marty McFly’s Casio CA53-w in Back to the Future

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What better watch to fit a character than a digital watch for a futuristic movie from the ’80s? Digital calculator watches and digital watches overall were making quite an impression on the watch world in the 1980s when the film came out. What seemed like the future of watches makes sense for a movie that was based around time travel and science fiction. One other thing to note is that of the watches on this list, McFly’s watch is probably the most accessible to own today due to its still under 20$ price tag.


3. Carrol Shelby’s Heuer Carrera 7753SN in Ford v. Ferrari

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This fast-paced retelling of an amazing car story also features an amazing watch. This watch is perfect for the character considering its vintage heritage. This watch, also known as “panda” from the black-on-silver dial, is a chronograph. Perhaps even more fitting is the name of the watch, which comes from the Spanish word for race. The watch was even worn by real racecar drivers in the 1960s.


4. Bruce Wayne’s Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Grande Date in the Dark Knight Rises

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This watch is one that was created specifically for the movie franchise it is worn in, though it was also made available for purchase for a limited time. The dial is reversible with the non-time side featuring an engraving of a deliberately scribbled batman symbol. The dial is also elegant with a simple black dial that shows the luxury that Bruce Wayne has.


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