Entering the second year of the new decade means you’ll see fresh trends in different industries. For those people who love watches, you’re going to see changes and old concepts return this year. It all depends on where you’re looking from since the watch industry has two closely related sides, much like most industries.
The watch industry has two sides: the business side and the fashion side. Both are
intertwined with each other in the sense that some changes in one affect the other. This year, you’ll witness a bit of a reshaping in the business side of things.
As the adage says: “Time waits for no one.” and true enough, it doesn’t. The watch
industry will change, and this year’s trends prove just that. Here are the watch trends that will make their marks in 2021.

Expensive watches are “in”

The shift in the behavior of timepiece customers suggests that in 2021, brands will sell more luxury watches. Even when people are more comfortable settling to purchase goods from the comfort of their homes, watch customers will prefer to buy expensive watches. That’s what the Swiss Federation of Watch Industries found out while looking at key figures.
Sales of watches priced at up to $9,000 are down 20%, while watches above that price mark is only down 10%. These numbers are lower than those timepieces sold at under $1,500, whose sales took a nosedive of up to 40%. This means it’s highly likely that a more expensive Seiko watch will be purchased more than its affordable counterparts in a boutique or online.
The implications of these numbers are quite considerable, coming off of a troublesome economic year during 2020. Expect more brands to zero in on their reputation and the appeal of their products. Consumers will see smarter and more creative marketing and advertising strategies, especially from the established brands.

Sustainable materials for manufacturing

The push for environmentally friendly products has reached the watch industry. This
year, brands will heed the call to protect the environment by using sustainable materials in manufacturing. Expect to see the watch market make efforts to leave as few carbon monoxide footprints on the planet as possible.
You can expect to see more wood-made timepieces available in the market this year. The trend of producing watches using wood started in 2016; it’ll be more consistent this year. You can also learn about profits gained from these products donated to environmental initiatives and projects from different watch brands.
As a consumer, this means you can also contribute to a more significant cause.
Protecting the environment will be synonymous with buying a watch made of natural materials this year, and hopefully, moving forward.


People are slaves to smartphones, that they even look for their features and
functionalities in a watch. Smartwatches will continue to remain a constant figure in the watch market this year. This device and accessory will mostly appeal to men, although the number of women seen wearing smartwatches has increased in recent years.
The smaller, minimalist versions of smartwatches will be more popular. They fit the
world’s current aesthetic better and are capable of doing more or less the same stuff that larger smartwatches do. The smaller, minimalist versions of smartwatches will be more popular. They fit the
world’s current aesthetic better and are capable of doing more or less the same stuff
that larger smartwatches do.

Concluding thoughts

Watches and the watch industry will level themselves to the current period in time to
survive and remain relevant. 2021 will be no different, as it will adapt to the demand of consumers and time itself.

Author’s Bio:

Luther Abrams is quite a jack of all trades type of guy. He loves exploring new things and cultivating his knowledge every now and then. Today, he grows more and more interested in pieces of jewelry and watches and even writes about such things in his free time.
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