For watch collectors and enthusiasts, it’s a natural step to learn more about the watch world, mechanics, and all other watch-related topics. It can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to begin, given the overwhelming amount of options out there. Fear not, 5 amazing resources to use as a starting point are below!

Watch Magazines

A watch magazine is a great all around tool for understanding watches and are uniquely suited to someone looking to learn more. They come online or in print form, depending on the brand. The top watch magazines currently are HodinkeeWatchTime, and Monochrome. Watch magazines have a plethora of watch reviews, a calling card for this method of knowledge. More benefits include limited commitment, easy access, and the density of highly important information.

Watch Channels on YouTube

For visual learners, Youtube channels on watches are a great way to take in information. Of course, every topic of watches can be found on Youtube – from histories, watchmaking techniques, reviews, watch parts, and more. The content is truly endless and there’s no commitment or payment needed. These videos are absolutely free and only require the time devoted to watching. Some of the top watch Youtube channels include The Urban GentryaBlogToWatch, and Casual Watch Reviews.

Watch Books

For a more in-depth and detailed approach to watches, watch books are the perfect choice for you! These books tend to be hyper-specific, pertaining to the watchmaking process, a certain brand, or even a single watch. They’re heavily researched and reliable, great for someone looking to learn more about a specific watch topic. The Wristwatch Handbook is a great book that covers mechanical watches in detail (and makes a great coffee table decoration)!

Watch School

For those looking to potentially have a career in watches or watchmaking, watch school may be for you! They’re the most expensive of our listed resources, but are the most full-scale and in-depth. These schools are dedicated to the art of watches, teaching their pupils the delicate task of watchmaking and everything to know about watches. There are limited options within the US, but full-time and part-time schools/programs can be found here.

Watchmaking Kits

If you’re looking for overarching knowledge of the watchmaking process without the financial hit of a watchmaking school, the best way is to try assembling a watch yourself. Rotate Watches offers all-in-one watchmaking kits to build your own mechanical watch. No need to go to watch school or face the confusion of homemade blogs – this kit provides all the parts, tools, and guidance you’ll need. This will get you up close and personal with the hobby by learning about the intricacies of the watch. To view Rotate’s full selection, visit their shop here.

Need some ideas on which topics to start with? Normally, beginners will first begin by familiarizing themselves with the most famous watch brands, and understanding what makes each brand unique. You can also begin by learning all about the watch types (automatic, fully mechanical, and quartz), and the different parts that go into each of them. Particularly for mechanical watches, there can be over 100 different tiny parts that work together to tell time accurately – a phenomenon that makes watches an art form.

Learning more about watches can help you make more educated decisions on your future watch-related decisions and appreciate more of the traits of an admiral or unique watch. Plenty of beginner watch enthusiasts start out confused about all the different watch types, watch brands, price points, complications, and more. The above resources make great starting points to becoming a full-out watch connoisseur.