We recently highlighted 4 famous watches from movies in our blog post here. There were so many watches that have been featured in more of our favorite films that we decided to make a second installment! Warning – spoilers below!


1. Leonardo DiCaprio’s tag Huer Carrera Automatic in Inception 

How can a film designed with time in mind not have a great watch in it? This black dial beauty is hard to miss once you know DiCaprio is wearing it. The watch is elegant and beautiful and highlights the main character’s outfit perfectly. The ease of use also makes it perfect to time how long you have been in inception. I just wonder if it can spin like a top ;).


2. Al Pacino’s Omega Constellation in “The Godfather: Part II”

Wow – this watch is gorgeous. This watch is in 14k yellow gold and wielded by the actor who plays Michael Corleone. I especially love that the dial seems to be rising towards you. This watch will set you back a pretty penny, though. At over $9,500 this watch is by far the most expensive on our list. But what is the price for such beauty and movie history as this Omega? 


3. Paul Walker’s Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Compressor Diving Automatic Navy Seals Watch in Fast and Furious 6

Loyal readers will recognize this watch brand from the first installment of watches in movies. This watch just makes me want to go for a drive. So does the movie too. This watch seems to peer into your inner watch soul. The black dial in the black case just exudes elegance and danger which is perfect for the character who wears it. It just looks ready to encourage you to go faster.


4. Keanu Reeve’s Carl F Bucherer Maner Autodate in John Wick

Man, do I love this movie. I also love the watch worn by the titular character John Wick, though I am sure there is plenty of blood on the watch by the end of the movie. I especially love the simple dial in silver case this watch sports. Also, the way John Wick looks at the watch to tell time is just amazing. 


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