The 1990s had so many fun, cool, and unique watches that’d catch your eye. Our blog post this week will touch on a few of our favorite watches that were premiered in the 1990s. Time to travel back to the 1990s to experience time.


1. Omega Speedmaster Racing

This watch, launched in tandem with racing legend Michael Schumacher, was created by Omega in 1996. We especially love the deep reds in the watch with the yellow hands. The watch was designed to resemble some tires of F1 cars. Schumacher’s signature was also prominently featured in white. This watch just makes you want to go faster. 


2. Zenith Rainbow Flyback

Unsurprisingly, we were most drawn to the rainbow dial and hands of the flyback watch. We also liked the tri-dial setup and the different colors of the surrounding stopwatch. This watch absolutely screams the 1990s with its colors and style. Any 90s outfit would have been complete with this watch on a wrist.


3. Rolex Daytona

We might be cheating here since the watch did not really debut in the 1990s but how can the beautiful and luxurious Daytona not make it on this list? That said the modern rare version of the Daytona did premiere in the late 1990s. The watch became extremely rare with only a few years of production. We especially love the white dial with a prominent Rolex logo displayed.


4. Casio F91W-1

Yes, we know that this watch came out in 1989 but we make up our own rules and 1989 was basically the 1990s especially when this watch became popular. How can a list of 90s watches not feature a digital watch? This watch screams 1990s. The blue border around the simple digital face makes for a nice vintage design. 


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