Last week we wrote about watches we loved from the 1990s. As a companion to that post, we will be looking at our favorite watches from the ’80s this week. Let’s hop into our DeLorean to reminisce on time.


1. Seiko Speedtimer Chronograph 7A28-7000

This watch screams the 80s. New watch technologies inventing with older styles. This watch was the first analogue quartz chronograph. Combining the new quartz watch with an old style chronograph. This watch has some cool features. Especially the hard to miss right side of the dial that is different than any other dial. The orange on black also made the watch look futuristic. 


2. Digits Finger Watch

What a weird place to wear a watch! Another watch that describes the confusing at times fashion of the 1980s, the finger watch did what it advertised, it was the size of your fingers. They came in different shapes and colors and were not much bigger than a ring.


3. Rolex Two-Tone Datejust

We love this watch because of its elegance. The gold dial set in a silver case just exudes luxury. Any outfit from the ’80s would have been happy to present this watch on it. The watch does come from before the 1980s, but it was very popular in the 1980s, and as we said last week we make the rules. 


4. Hublot First Model- The Current Classic Fusion

Just like the Rolex before it, we are drawn to the absolute regality of this amazing timepiece. The watch might not scream the 1980s in the wacky fashion that the first two might, but how can a list from the ’80s not include such a gorgeous watch. We especially love that the screws of the case doubled as the times of the watch. 


5. Casio Calculator Watch

To end our list, we cannot forget about a watch that defines what the ’80s was. The experimentation with new technologies that seem crazy today was all the rage in the 80s. That watch looks ludicrous and absurd, and yet it is amazing.  Especially for the time, to have any sort of computing power on your wrist was revolutionary for the 1980s. No other watch can define a decade more than the calculator watch. Just imagine wearing that watch today!

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