To round out our nostalgia trip over the last few weeks, we’re going to showcase watches from the 2000s! If you have not read our previous posts on watches from past decades go check them out here now. This week will feature 2000s watches!


1. The Hubolt Big Bang

The 2000s saw a growth in watch dials. By growth I mean literally the dials began to grow bigger in line with the fashion of the time. Hublot really made a name for themselves in the 2000s. We especially loved how this watch features an industrialized yet elegant look with the screws around the case but a beautiful dial The deep black will just pull you in.


2. Rolex Tudor Monarch Chronograph Steel

One common brand has been on all of our lists of decades watches, Rolex. Showing their staying power and influence on the industry this week will be no exception. A classic elegant Rolex that features a gorgeous dial. The white and black contrast just exudes class and luxury in this watch. The gold outlines just add to the beauty of this watch.


3. Audemars Piguet Royal Offshore 18 Karat Rose Gold

This watch will definitely set you back and is one of the most expensive watches in our series on decades. That said, just like the Hubolt, this watch does an excellent job of combining elegance and ruggedness. The prominent screws in the case look perfect on the gold case. The red and black just make for an excellent appearance. And the date is awesome as well.


4. Zenith Defy Xtreme Titanium Chronograph

To round our list for this week is this awesome Zenith watch. We love how prominent the dial is and its ease of use. Another example of the trend towards bigger watches, though we do not mind because the beauty of the dial makes us want even more. The deep blue on white with red accents are just gorgeous. 


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