Over the past few weeks, we have written about famous watches you would recognize in movies. This week, we are changing gears and featuring famous watches you will see on the wrists of influential leaders around the world. The watch a leader wears can say a lot about them and are prominently displayed when they are giving speeches. 


1. President Joe Biden’s Steel Rolex Datejust 41

Where better to start than the current leader of the United States. President Joe Biden has been known to wear many watches throughout his tenure in politics. This particular watch seems to be worn for the first time by Biden on his inauguration day. The watch was said to be a gift from his wife and current first lady, Dr. Jill Biden. The watch was a good choice since many past presidents have been known to sport the Rolex Datejust line, to the point that it had been known as “The President”. 


2. French President Emmanuel Macron’s LMM-01

Just like Biden, President Macron has been known to wear many different types of watches, but this particular one caught our eye. Rather fittingly the watch is made by a Paris brand known as Merci. The brand makes many fashionable watches and has a progressive goal as well, with their desire to raise funds for schools in Madagascar. The watch itself is elegant, simple, and gets the job done. 


3. German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Boccia Titanium Model 405-02

The long-serving and soon-to-be-stepping-down leader of Germany, Angela Merkel wears a watch that is perfect for her. The watch comes with a simple price tag of around $100, but if you did now know that it would be impossible to tell. The deep black dial sporting silver hands stands prominently on the Chancellor’s wrist and has resided there for many years now. 


4. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s IWC Portuguese Regulateur Stainless Steel

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Like other leaders on this list, Trudeau has sported many different watches throughout his political career. We chose this IWC because of its gorgeous dial. This particular watch does an excellent job not overpowering the outfit of its wearer but still has noticeability. The white dial with the second and hour subdials placed vertically make for a more unique design than the usual horizontal alignment that we just love. 


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