Watches have been around for two centuries, and they still have the same purpose as they did before: tell us what time it is. But wristwatches in particular have evolved a great deal. They have now become a fashion statement and a symbol of success. Let’s go back in time to the first-ever wristwatch! 

People say the Queen of Naples was the first person to ever wear a wristwatch. Interestingly, back then, only women wore wristwatches, and the men wore pocket watches because women were usually inside chilling and men were outside working. When women wore their wristwatches, people thought it was a joke as they were inaccurate. 

But then, when WWI came, the men realized they needed a wristwatch more than ever since they couldn’t carry a pocket watch during the war. The men needed to buy their own watches, so there were numerous advertisements trying to sell the best kind! 

Back then the watches were made of crystal and the straps were leather. That was pretty much the only option. But we have come a long way from our first watch. Now watches are made out of silver, gold, and stainless steel, with lots of different types of straps.

Although watches are still practical, over the years they have become more of a fashion statement, and many female celebrities, like Jennifer Aniston even opt for a watch rather than a bracelet. Not only that, wrist watches are a symbol of wealth and success. Walk into any Fortune 500 company, and you will not find one person without a wristwatch. Even though wearing a watch doesn’t necessarily correlate with success, many successful people often wear one which is probably why they never lose track of time! 

Watches have evolved throughout the years, but their purpose has never changed.


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