Whether it’s a gift or a necessity, buying a new watch can be exciting, overwhelming, and intimidating. There are many different stores visit, and endless designs to choose from. So, if you are looking to buy a watch soon, here is a list of mistakes you easily avoid!


1. Quantity over Quality

There are many great affordable mechanical watches these days, and it can be tempting to fill out your collection with Seik, Orient, and even Rolex. These brands produce high-quality watches, for a reasonable price. But, having more watches means there’s less time to appreciate every watch in your collection. In this case, Less is more! 



2. Buying a Watch Based on the Strap

Consumers often make the mistake of dwell upon the appearance of the watch strap. What many don’t know is that the straps can easily be swapped out. Nice straps cost as little as $20 and greatly increase the versatility of appearance and comfort for your watches. Most affordable watches don’t typically use quality material to make the bracelet or strap so that they can spend more money on the quality of parts on the watch.



3. Thinking Vintage Watches Aren’t Good Because They’re Old

Signs of aging like scratches and marks can look “grimy” and “dirty” for some. But to those in the watch community, these signs of aging make a watch much more desirable and unique. They tell a story of the owner’s journeys and travels and adventures. They also show authenticity, because many lower quality watches don’t age nearly as gracefully as higher quality watches.



4. Buying Into Hype

Numerous watches get advertised as “the watch of the year” or “the perfect watch for any occasion”. That’s because affordable brands tend to over-hype their watches just to make a profit. The trick is to not feel pressured to buy into this hype. 



5. Buying in a Mall or Department Store

When first researching watches, it’s likely a lot of the sites and retailers you’ll come across will be large department stores and mall brands. Also, it’s almost impossible to walk through a mall without coming across a watch boutique, a department store with a watch section, or even an authorized dealer. Seeing a watch in person is great to see if it meets your expectations. However, the prices of these watches might seem exorbitant especially when negotiating is allowed.


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