With our economy being negatively impacted by the pandemic, many people have been looking for affordable things to buy. Whether you are buying a gift, or you are buying a watch for yourself, here are 4 affordable watches, that are $20 or less! 


1. Moulin Digital Jelly Watch

Although this is a digital watch, it blends chic style with sporty sensibility and comfort. The smooth jelly band is easy on the skin, and the design is incredibly stylish. This watch is perfect for a picnic at the park or even a trip to the mall!



2. J.Market Starlight Watch

This is the perfect watch for a go-to everyday, modern look. Its style is very versatile, and you can wear it with everything from a summer dress to office clothes. Its also very simple and yet sophisticated. This is made with a rose gold watch, and black leather straps, which is a spectacular combination.



3. Casio Women’s Watch

This watch brings back the sporty look. Its completely white and the numbers on the watch are different colors. This could go with any casual outfit and it is super affordable!



4. Curren Black Steel Watch

This watch is a modern take on the classic bracelet-style men’s watch. It has a 40mm case width and a blacked-out look that works with almost any outfit. The style also makes it look luxurious and sophisticated making it a perfect gift as well!

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