Pocket Watches were a beauty of the past, while wristwatches are new, modern, and worn by everyone. Each watch has its advantages and disadvantages, and everyone has their preference. Read this article, to decide which one you like better!

Charles II was the first person to initiate the idea of carrying the watch in a waistcoat. Watches of the time were prone to rust and they could only be kept safe from harm if they were carried securely in the pocket. So carrying the watch in waistcoats) became a trend in men’s fashion. Later on, in the 18th century, Prince Albert, who was the consort to Queen Victoria, introduced the ‘Albert chain’ accessory, designed to secure the pocket watch to the man’s outer garment by way of a clip.  

Although the pocket watch was invented quite a long time ago, it some advantages, even to this day. Firstly, the pocket watch technically has more security than the wristwatch since it is carried in a pocket, So, it is less noticed by thieves. The pocket watch can also look more elegant from its antique design. Lastly, it can be passed on from one generation to another when treasured because of its beautiful historical background.

The fashion of wearing a watch on the wrist dates back to the production of the earliest watches from the 16th century. This idea was triggered by women since they were mostly inside chilling or cooking and carrying a pocket watch was not so convenient. It was believed that the world’s first wristwatch was worn by Caroline Murat, the Queen of Naples, in 1810. By the mid 19th century, most watchmakers produced a range of wristwatches, which were often marketed as bracelets for women.

Since wristwatches are more prevalent in the modern world, they also have many advantages. First and foremost, the wristwatch is convenient, since it is less likely to get lost. Also, people can easily assess your fashion style and taste, just by looking at your wristwatch. Lastly, you can easily tell the time with the wristwatch, and this means that it is easily accessible.


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