Knowing how to pair a watch with an outfit can sometimes be overwhelming and challenging; especially when you have various different watches and outfits in your closet. Follow these tips to get ready faster and step out the door confidently!


1. Match The Formality Of Your Watch With The Formality Of Your Outfit

Most watches today are either dressy or sporty, and wearing the right watch with the right outfit is important. The chart below will help you chose the right watch so that you don’t end up wearing a sporty watch to a conference or a dressy watch to a tennis game.



2. Leather goes with Leather

If you don’t what watch to wear, start by looking at your shoes and belt. The material and color of your shoes are a suitable reference for the style of the watchband. A leather watch will always go well with leather shoes and a leather belt.



3. Heirloom Watches Bend The Rules

Heirloom pieces are worn as a good-luck charm or as a memory of the original owner. If you have, special watch given to you by someone special, there is no need to follow any fashion rules to make sure it matches your outfit. In fact, many heirloom pieces typically pair well with many types of outfits, whether you are going for a formal look or a casual look.



4. Metal Complements Metal

Although nobody exactly wears metal, the metal case of the watch can complement the metal accents in your clothing. A gold watch, for example, will pair well with a gold shimmery dress. Many watches are either steel, gold, silver, platinum, or titanium and all you have to do is chose the watch that complements the metallic accent of your outfit!



5. When In Doubt Match Your Watch To Your Shoes


When you don’t know where to start, just look down at your shoes! If you are wearing blue, gray, or black shoes pair them with a silver watch and if you are wearing brown, beige, or tan, pair them with a gold watch. Always pair complementary colors with each other!


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