There are some simple signs that give away the quality of a watch. Like a fine wine, the price is an indication of quality, although it isn’t exactly foolproof.  So keep reading to learn about how you can look for these little signs when you are buying a watch.


1. Accuracy

In the Swiss watchmaking world, the best indicator of a high-quality watch is accuracy. A watch is only accurate if it is within +6 or -4 seconds per day. The watch movements are incredibly complicated, and it is a great feat of engineering to get a mechanical movement to this level of accuracy. However, It is inevitable to adjust the time, since that is just one of the ways you take care of your luxury watch after purchase.



2. Weight

When you lift the watch it should have quite a bit of weight to it. This indicates that it is made from high-quality materials. If the watch you are lifting feels too light it could mean that low-quality materials were used, including plastic. It is also likely that a quartz movement has been used instead of a mechanical one.



3. Certification

The fake luxury watch market is full of poor imitations and no one wants to be left with a dud. Swiss watches, in particular, should come with a certificate of authenticity. The certificate will include a number that allows you to check with the retailer if the watch is genuine or not. Certificates also increase the sale price if you decide to sell your watch, in the future!



4. Materials

The best watches are made from steel, platinum, and gold and many watch brands use their own set of pure materials! Hublot designed their own, scratch-resistant gold. Rolex uses mother of pearl, gold brass, and stainless steel. Breitling uses titanium and a steel alloy. This is a combination of some of the strongest metals available!



5. The Movement


The movement of the watch is the primary mechanism that tells the time. There are three movements, Quartz, Mechanical & Automatic.  Quartz movement requires fewer parts, and it is more affordable. However, a mechanical movement is more authentic and accurate. Also,  a mechanical movement is more likely to be handmade, hand-polished, or hand-finished!


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