Each year designers come up with new watches but many of these watches look fairly similar. There are a few designers who solely make creative designs for watches, and many of them take inspiration from everyday objects. Read more to learn about five creative designs people have designed!


1. Astronomical Watch

This watch is meant to show the solar system’s movements in an accurate way. There are six planets delicately placed on each ring and these include Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, and Saturn. Uranus and Neptune could not be accurately placed so they needed to be excluded. Although not every planet could be included, it is made up of 396 pieces and it took 3 years to complete.



2. Eye Of A Storm: A Watch Without A Face

This watch doesn’t have a clock face and it was inspired by the eye of the storm. A storm can be very violent, a destructive natural catastrophe. But the center of a swirling storm is calm and quiet. Time moves around the void. In this watch, we only need to know where the clock’s hands are pointing. This is is also a good watch for people who are sensitive to the metal parts of watches.



3. The Ora Unica Watch

This watch was created by Italian designer Denis Guidone. It was made with a minimalist design and simplicity. While the majority of us may think that the white scribble looks like a piece of string or noodle, it actually serves a purpose. The longer end tells the minute and the shorter end tells the hour. Lastly, unlike other one-of-a-kind watches, this one is only $184.



4. Hand-Painted Poetic Wish Watch



This watch was designed by Van Cleef & Arpels who makes the world’s most beautiful watches. This watch is part of the limited edition collection “Poetic Complications”. At first glance, this watch might seem intricate but it is quite simple. The male figure indicates the hours and the shooting star indicates five minutes of time.



5. Time Traveller Watch


The Time Traveller Watch uses 16 landmark buildings to mark the time in different regions. Some of these landmarks include the Golden Gate Bridge, Salt Lake Temple, Sears Tower (USA), The Statue of Liberty, Eiffel Tower, Burj Khalifa, Sydney Tower, the Sky Tower, and many other buildings from all over the world. You can read the local time by looking at the landmark building in your city or time zone. For example, if you’re in Paris you look to the Eiffel Tower or if you are in New York you use the Statue of Liberty to look that the time. 


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