August brings many new exciting trends. Tons of new watches have been released and these are some of the best luxury watches from this month! Keep reading to find out more about the latest watches!


1. Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon Haut Artisanat

The Swiss manufacturer’s second most complicated watch now comes in a rose gold case with brown grand feu enamel dial. It has 12 complications including a tourbillon and a minute repeater, its piece de resistance is the celestial chart on the caseback that displays the movement of the moon and the stars as seen in the northern hemisphere. The magnificent case is hand-engraved in volute and arabesque motifs, an intricate process that takes an artisan more than 100 hours to complete just one case!


2. MING 20.11 Mosaic

The Malaysian luxury watch brand debuted an interesting innovation, a sapphire crystal dial with 2,650 squares of varying opacity created with a high-power femtosecond laser to achieve a mosaic-like pattern. The hands are sapphire crystal with HyCeram for improved legibility under any light conditions.


3. Bulgari Aluminium GMT

The Bulgari Aluminium, the only luxury watch with an aluminum case, welcomes a GMT model into the family. To read the second time zone, look at the hand with a red tip that sweeps across the 24-hour scale in the outer dial. Blue is the dominant color, appearing on the rubber bezel, dial, and rubber strap.


4. Panerai Radiomir Eilean



The year 1936 was significant for Panerai for it was when it launched into renown with the Radiomir material that provided luminosity for dive watches when they are underwater. The same year, the Eilean yacht was born and sailed the seas of Europe and the Caribbean until the early 21st century. In 2006, Panerai bought the yacht and restored it to its original splendor.


5. Chanel Monsieur. Superleggera Edition

Combining the sporty appeal of J12 Superleggara and the elegance of Monsieur, Chanel’s first watch was designed for men, the Monsieur. Superleggera Edition is a sleek black timepiece endowed with a digital jumping hour at ‘6’ and a 240-degree retrograde minute. Housed in a ceramic case, these unique details are matched with a matte black guilloche dial with a black nickel finish. The strap is nylon lined with a striking red calfskin. 



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