In the era of ever changing and dynamic technology, you might ask yourself why you’d ever want to wear a plain and simple wrist watch again.

Chances are you have a super computer for a phone in your pocket, or even on your wrist – apple watches anyone? 

But there’s beauty in the simplicity and practicality of a wrist watch that people often overlook. So today I hope to make you rethink why you should wear a plain old wrist watch again. 



1. It’s fashionable 

rotate watches reasons to wear a watch it's fashionable

This is probably the first reason people would think of when trying to reason why they’d still wear a wrist watch. Since technology advanced and your phone can easily tell the time for you, watches became less practical, and more of an accessory like jewelry. While I will continue to argue that there’s still plenty of practical reasons to wear a watch, it’d be silly to ignore the fact that watches are indeed a fashionable accessory, and can easily elevate any look to be more classy and sophisticated. In certain cases, watches can be a symbol of wealth if you wear a very luxurious timepiece, but regardless of how expensive your watch is, try it on next time and see how it elevates your outfit of the day. 


2. It’s simple and practical 

rotate watch reasons to wear a watch DIY watch making kit watches are practical

Watches are timekeeping pieces. Nowadays, you could easily get a watch that does way more than just tell time, but the essence of a watch is to keep track of time. I’ve been wearing a watch everyday for a couple of years now, and since it’s a light piece attached to my wrist, I got used to easily checking the time by just looking at my wrist. Pulling out my phone from my back pocket or digging around in my bag for it is honestly too much work to just check the time. 

Chances are, when you look at your phone to check the time, you get distracted by any notifications on your screen, and waste a few minutes going through your phone mindlessly. In a world where we’re constantly bombarded with information and alerts, the simplicity of just using a watch to check the time can be very refreshing. It’ll also save your eyes from any more blue light. Trust me. Get a watch. Your eyes will thank me later. 


3. You’ll look cool and won’t be rude

rotate watches DIY watch making kits practical reasons to wear a watch

Have you ever been on a date or in a meeting and checked the time on your phone? I know that you know that that’s not a great look for yourself, and we’ve all heard of the general rule that you shouldn’t put your phone on the table when you’re with someone out of courtesy for their time and attention. Maintain a good impression by keeping the phone away and using a wrist watch to check the time if you need to, and bonus points, the watch will also make you look more fashionable and cool while you check your watch. 

4. Live your life actively without being weighed down

rotate watches sports watch active lifestyle rotate watches DIY watch kit

Watches are great for everyday purposes, but they’re also really useful when you try to live your life more actively. Have you ever tried to go on a run but spend 10 minutes trying to figure out if you should wear a fanny pack to put your phone in, hold the phone in your hand, or find running pants with a phone pocket? Phones weigh us down a lot, and prevent us from easily getting up to do more active things. There’s lots of watches designed for active use, and they can enhance your lifestyle a lot! Get a watch with a timer function to take with you on runs, hikes, or the gym. Stop worrying about where to put your phone or how to carry it with you. Get a waterproof watch to take with you on kayaks or surf sessions, or just get a simple wrist watch to time you when you go in for that SAT test session. Or MCAT. Or LSAT. So useful. 

5. Rethink your relationship with time

rotate watches reasons to wear a watch rethink your relationship with time blog watch making kit DIY

Lastly, I want to talk a little about how wearing a watch can make you rethink your relationship with time. A smartphone is honestly a blackhole for our attention and time, and sometimes just looking at a round (or square) timepiece with moving hands can give us a better perspective for how fast time passes in a day, and how you’re using that time. Watches can help you better understand how long you take to do routine tasks, and consequently help you become better at planning and scheduling your day. So get a watch and take some time to think about how you want to spend your time. Set some new goals, or schedule a call to catch up with your friends or family. 

Watches can really help you spend your time more meaningfully.

Who knew watches were this useful, right? 

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