If you are currently working from home, practicing more careful social distancing at home, or just bored at home, don’t fret because here are 4 unique DIY activities you can do from home or with friends (in person or over zoom!) 

1. Watch Making

rotate watches unique DIY activities for crafty people watch making kits luxury watches gift ideas for men and teens

Ever wonder how watches are put together?  If you are very crafty and like a little challenge, you may love building your own watch! Take a look at some of the watch kits by Rotate Watches. They offer different difficulty levels and have really chic luxury styles that pair with any outfit. So try your hand at creating your own beautiful watch! These watch kits would also make for amazing presents for friends or family who are crafty! View all Rotate kits here


2. Bead Making

bead making DIY bead bracelets DIY activities for crafty people rotate watches watch kits
Beads are coming back in style stronger than ever! Create a set of bead bracelets, or cute pearl necklaces and wear them with style! Layering bead bracelets is quite popular today, bead making is super fun and can be done with friends at a cute picnic outing!  

3. Tie Dye

DIY activities for crafty people rotate watches DIY watch kit
If you don’t mind getting a little messy, try your hand at tie dyeing old clothes to give them new life! Play with different colors and patterns to have a fun tie dye session in your backyard or in your kitchen. 

4. Painting Shoes

Painting shoes DIY shoe art DIY activities for crafty people rotate watches watch making kit
If you’re like me, you might have an older pair of adidas or plain shoes lying around in the house. Just like tie dying, you could give them a new life by painting on them with acrylic paint or special fabric markers for shoes! If you’re feeling extra brave, you could buy a new pair of shoes to paint on as an activity!