So you want to buy a new watch but don’t know where to start. Or maybe you already have a watch in mind, but aren’t sure if maybe you should consider something else!

Here is a quick guide on things you should consider before buying a new watch:  

1. What Do You Need A Watch For Primarily?

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Are you thinking of wearing a watch everyday or just for certain occasions? That could influence what kind of style you might want to look into! An everyday watch should be comfortable to wear, light, and not too clunky. Perhaps a simple watch that can work with any outfit is right for you. If you’re thinking of wearing a watch for nicer occasions, look for a more stylish watch to match with more formal clothing. Maybe look into getting a watch with a metal strap instead of a fabric strap. If you go for a metal strap, think about what color suits your skin tone the best! Are you warm tone or cool tone? If you usually wear gold jewelry, a gold watch might look better on you than a silver watch. Check out this article for a comprehensive watch strap guide! 


2. What Functions Will You Need?

rotate watch kits DIY watch making fashionable practical watches
What’s your lifestyle like? Are you more active and like to go for runs or surfing? Then maybe consider what kind of functions you want on a watch. If you do any water based activities, you might want a watch that’s waterproof and can handle certain depths. If you like to go to the gym or running, a sports watch with different timer functions could be useful! There’s a lot of great stylish sport watches out there that can suit your lifestyle. Check out G-Shock for some really tough sport watches!

3. Think About The Type Of Clothes In Your Closet. What Style Do You Want? 

rotate watch kits DIY watch making fashionable practical watches
Take a look into your closet and the types of clothes you wear. This could give you a good lead into what kind of watch will work with your wardrobe the best! See if you tend to wear certain colors, or certain styles like classy or active wear. Wardrobe color can help you narrow down what strap colors you might want on your watch, and if you have a more classy style, you can look into watches with more sleek and minimalistic designs! Check out Fossil for some classy designs. 

4. How Much Do You Want To Spend On A Watch?

rotate watch kits DIY watch making fashionable practical watches
Think about how long you want to wear your watch for, and if you are the type to invest in something and use it for years, or prefer having several styles and options to switch out from frequently. There’s a really big price range for watches and that can also influence which companies you might want to check out for your next watch! Investments tend to be pricey luxury watches with timeless or brand specific designs, while there’s also a lot of new fashion watch companies that constantly come out with new trendy designs and more affordable prices. 
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