Oftentimes, a watch is quite an expensive accessory. To make sure you get the most out of your watch and that it lasts you for years, you will need to get in the habit of doing a few things to keep it in good condition. 


1. Use A Microfiber Cloth Or A Little Water

It’s easy for a watch to accumulate some dirt. If you want to clean your watch, use a microfiber cloth to make sure you don’t accidentally get scratches on the watch while wiping it down. If you need to, you can wash your watch with a little water, just make sure you keep any leather straps away from water. Also never wash your watch with soap! Soap can creep into the inner watch parts and cause some damage. 


2. Wind Your Watch Regularly


The key to keeping a tuned, working, and accurate watch is to keep it fully wound regularly. Some watches only need to be wound once a month, while others need to be wound once a week or ideally at the same time every day. A mechanical watch should be wound daily. Keeping your watch wound will ensure that it will keep time accurately. 

3. Take Note Of Where You Wind Your Watch And Don’t Wind It On Your Wrist. 

Firstly, don’t wind your watch on your wrist. Doing so can put pressure on the stem and either break or bend it. Secondly, be careful of where you wind your watch. If you are standing up and in a bathroom or somewhere outside, your watch could break if you accidentally drop it while winding. 

4. Service Your Watch


Good practice is to get your watch serviced every 3-5 years. Just to makes sure a professional can take a look at it and make sure it’s running smoothly. 


5. Be Careful With Your Leather Straps 


Leather straps should be treated like any other leather clothing you might have. Make sure it doesn’t come in contact with moisture or any other liquid. Treat it carefully and it will stay soft for many years. 


6. Wear Your Watch Regularly


Wearing your watch regularly can actually ensure that the gears are running smoothly and consistently. So wear your watch regularly, keep it wound regularly, and get the most out of your timepiece! Don’t let it dust in a box somewhere. 


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