Our team here at Rotate Watches is so excited to share our work with Semper Fi & America’s Fund this year! 

Semper Fi & America’s Fund cares for our nation’s critically wounded, ill, and injured service members and military family members. Supporting all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces, The Fund provides one-on-one case management, connection, and lifetime support. Today. Tomorrow. Together.

The Fund offers vital, life-changing support through a broad spectrum of services designed to meet the complex needs of wounded, ill, and injured service members and their families during hospitalization, recovery, and transition back into the local community. They provide support through three key areas of assistance — Service Member and Family Support, Transition, and Integrative Wellness. To learn more about their programs, click here.

There are many ways to get involved with Semper Fi & America’s Fund and support our veterans. If you’re interested in hosting an event, volunteering, or donating, learn more on their site here.

Rotate had the exciting chance to host live watchmaking classes for the very first time, and with service members from Semper Fi & America’s Fund’s Apprenticeship Program as students.

The classes were a success and highly mutually beneficial. From Rotate’s end, we’re now preparing to open classes to the public (including group/corporate events).

For Semper Fi & America’s Fund Apprenticeship Program students, they had an introduction to watchmaking and can now consider watchmaking as a hobby or even a profession. We’ve continued to make plans for more live events and different class types.

If you’re interested in taking a live class with us in the future or in planning a group event, please email us at hello@rotatewatches.com to receive the next steps!


  • Jennifer | Founder of Rotate Watches