Did you recently become interested in watchmaking? It is also possible you are a watch collector who wishes to maintain the watches’ mechanical works. Regardless, we present the following essential tools that provide well-rounded use. Here are the most important tools to invest in when you’re starting out.

1. Tweezers

Watchmaking is incomplete without tweezers. It is a primary tool to invest in when manufacturing high-quality watches. You can purchase antimagnetic options, and tweezers with sizes #2 and 3. These tweezers provide multiple uses with their soft material.

2. Movement Holder

The second tool to invest in a watchmaking hobby is a movement holder. The holder will keep your movement still as you’re working on it, and is a better alternative to laying the movement flat onto a table (which could even snap a pinion in certain movements).

3. Loupe

A loupe is very helpful in seeing the tiny watch parts closer up. You know it is more than a DIY hobby when you are investing in professional tools. A loupe acts as a magnification glass to identify the tiny parts. It is worn on the eye, so your hands are free in watchmaking.

4. Screwdrivers

The movement is made up of dozens and dozens of little screws. A set of varying-sized screwdrivers is a must. 1mm and 2mm will be the most frequently used sizes, but it’s always a good idea to keep a variety of sizes on hand since screws are all sorts of sizes in the watch industry.

5. Oiling tools

Lastly, oiling tools will finish off your beginner’s collection. Movements use a couple of different oils, so make sure to consult with your movement’s technical guide to see what kinds of oils need to be used, and where exactly the oiling points are.

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