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Ayush T

Rotate’s kits went above and beyond to deliver an excellent product! For the high quality and amazing support, this product is a great deal. Jennifer was incredibly kind, helpful, and quick with responses. So if you are a budding watch aficionado, collector, or just interested in how watches work, I would highly recommend picking up one of the movement or watch kits for a really rewarding journey!


I got the Galileo as my first watch. The build was pretty strait forward when following the guide. Took about 2 hours and I had a little trouble with getting the band to attach but with a little patience I finally got it to work. Be prepared for some tiny parts! All in all, it was a great weekend project and turns into a beautiful watch once you’re done! Will be getting another soon.

Anh Vu

My girlfriend bought me the Miyota 8215 movement kit for my birthday as I’m fascinated about watch mechanisms. With the provided detailed guide, I managed to disassemble and reassemble the movement on my own! While disassembly was done relatively easily and quickly, I broke three pieces in my first reassembly attempt, but with the extra warranty and super reactive customer service, I got spare parts sent to me very quickly and had the satisfaction to see the movement ticking at the end. I learned a lot and had a lot of fun with the kit!


Unbelievable journey with the Rotate Watches. I discovered a whole new world. My Rotate watch looks like expensive brand watch on my hand. Thanks to Jennifer for the support and going very far helping me.


Excellent product. And absolutely spectacular timely, thorough customer service and support. Bought one of the movement kits to disassemble and assemble. They’ve been great help! Quality kit – I ordered another (different) kit to follow!


My girlfriend ordered The Galileo for me for Christmas and I loved it!  I’ve been wanting to give watchmaking a try and The Galileo was a great way to get started. I recommend using all the tools at your disposal and taking your time. It can be easy to get frustrated with such tiny pieces, but just take a break if you need to. Make sure to re-read the steps carefully! The glue is super sticky so be careful and precise with it, and when it comes to encasing the dial I recommend putting the watch between a washcloth and using a book to apply equal pressure throughout this way you won’t run the risk of cracking the crystal.

Once you are done it is an amazing feeling knowing you put this watch together. A great sense of self-accomplishment.  Also… don’t forget to wind the crown. The watch uses kinetic energy and wind to keep it running.

For those of you ordering your watches I’m sure you’ll love it as much as I did. Enjoy the process!

Corey P.

Original Kickstarter backer here. I’ve built 3 of the original kits (from the campaign), The Eiffel, and just yesterday The Cabot (pictured). The Cabot, at my level of experience, I found to be a little too easy but I absolutely love the result! This watch has a nice heft to it. It feels like a quality piece and looks amazing. At the time I’m writing this it has been approximately 36 hours since I finished assembly and the watch hasn’t gained/lost a single minute. All of my others required some adjustment but this one is spot on. The fit and finish are very good. The ends of the bracelet are solid metal and fit very precisely between the lugs. The crystal and back glass are flawless. The lume on the hands and the 12 o’clock marker on the bezel are very bright… I’d love it if the hour markers on the dial were also lumed. The day/date indicators are well centered in the window and the stem positions have a nice click to them. The assembly process is dead-simple. No cutting, no pressing of case parts… the hardest part is installing the hands without bending them or scratching the dial. If you’re on the fence about one of these kits, this is by far the least intimidating. If you like this style of watch then you won’t be disappointed.

Joyce W.

What can you gift someone who cannot move about…. cannot walk, pivot or even ‘rotate’ on his legs? You gift them a ROTATE Watch kit! This was the perfect gift for my brother who was incapacitated from a surgery and is always “tinkering”, inventing, and creating things. He LOVES building the watch and said the style & the personalized band was simply the very best. An amazing idea for anyone with time on their hands! Thank you for creating THIS possibility so that others can create their own.

Tiffany N.

I love clocks — my work includes management of a clock tower — so knowing how to build my own clock to keep on my wrist, from a Rotate Watch kit, has been extra special and rewarding to me.

Audrey T.

My boyfriend is obsessed with watches. He is obsessed with the making of it, how it functions, the micro ticks, the mechanisms, everything! So for his birthday, I gifted him his own DIY Rotate Watch Kit. I loved the one I bought for him. And we put it together, and he now wears his on his wrist, all the time (pun intended).

Anna R.

I bought the Galileo kit for my boyfriend for his birthday and now he is hooked. He has since purchased multiple movements to disassemble and reassemble. It’s a whole new hobby of his and it’s all thanks to you guys. I love how good that watch looks on him. The movement is just beautiful with the pink and blue jewels inside. Very classy watch.

Sue H.

I got a Rotate Watch for my boyfriend as a birthday gift and he absolutely loved it! He is a huge mechanical watch fan and it was very fun for him to put his watch together on his own. Rotate was also helpful in answering my questions as I was trying to decide on my purchase.

Spencer P.

I bought it as a gift for my boyfriend and he absolutely adores it!!! He’s an engineer and was always the kid who took a pen apart and put it back together! This was the same experience, just 10x more difficult!! Wonderful gift and experience. 🙂

Jess H.

I absolutely love the intricacy of building my own watch! It is so cool to wear something I created.

Brian J.

I love the actual process, the sense of achievement and the elegance of the finished watch, the Galileo.


I love the Rotate watch kit due to its intricacy and beauty! Taking the time and detail to put it together made my finished product all that more special to me. I would and have recommended Rotate watches to loved ones.

Katie S.

What I love about the movement kit is that it is higher quality than anything else I’ve looked at, even on eBay. The stand that holds it in place to look at and work on is sturdy and a great inclusion.

Robert I.

I love the sense of accomplishment and pride I feel when I wear a watch that I built myself!


I loved how concise the instructions were. Made the process a lot less intimidating. Looking forward to ordering another kit in the near future.


I previously ordered the Wright watch kit. What I love about my Rotate kit is that it contains everything for even a novice to build his own watch – parts, tools, instructions, and great customer support!

Helaina W.

I ordered the Wright watch kit for my husband and he loved it! It’s a beautiful watch and the kit comes well packaged. He’s so excited to put it together. Makes such a wonderful gift!

J. Mason

This watch kit was a great chance to fine-tune my deeper artisanal skills on watch construction. Really enjoyed it!

Chris W.

I love the challenge of the build, showing off the personalized accomplishment of the finished product, and the comments, questions, and compliments that come with wearing a fine piece of craftsmanship.

Kristen S.

I gifted this kit to my boyfriend for our anniversary and he was so happy! He loves watches and was excited to put his own together!


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