Case Press & Case Opener Knife


Use this case toolset to easily open or close watch cases.

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Rotate Watches' new case press and case opener toolset is now available!

Use this case toolset to easily open or close watch cases. Compatible for closing our sapphire glass watch cases with a simple squeeze of the press. Likewise, open cases safely with a specially designed dull knife that wedges the case open.

Keep and use for future watchmaking/watch repair endeavors. Includes 12 Dies to suit the majority of watch sizes.

Case toolset includes:
- Case Press
- Case Opener Knife
- Microfiber Cloth
- 12 Dies of Varying Sizes

*Watch case pictured is not included.

DIRECTIONS: Screw a die on both the top and bottom of the press. The correct sized die will press on the rim of the case piece (NOT on the glass). Using a die that presses on the glass will cause the glass to break. For our kits, screw the case back onto the watch first, and then align the case front on top. Ensure the waterproofing ring is at no point obstructing the case from closing. Then firmly and slowly press down with the case press. You'll feel as the case front goes into the case properly. Remove the case and check to make sure the case is evenly closed.

Compatible: Galileo/Wright/Edison
Not Compatible: Eiffel/Newton (because it's not needed)