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Article: How Long Do Automatic Watches Last?

How Long Do Automatic Watches Last?

How Long Do Automatic Watches Last?

If you’re thinking about investing in a new automatic watch, it’s a great idea to research the watch’s durability ahead of time. Knowing what to expect from the watch will help build you into the responsible owner of an automatic watch, which typically fetches a higher price tag than quartz watches.

When cared for properly, automatic watches can last a lifetime and more. Maintenance and replacing old gears and springs can extend the life even more. The mechanical watch parts require great attention to detail and skill to replace.

Overview of Automatic Watches

Mechanical movements typically have a power reserve of 34 to 44 hours. This means that when fully wound, that’s how long they’ll go for. Automatic watches (a subset of mechanical) can go for longer since they have a swinging rotor that’ll store energy as you move. After the watch stops ticking, you’ll just need to wind it back up.

It’s tough to provide a precise time frame, though it’s typically about 2-3 days. It’s also important to consider how long the watch might last. Most mechanical watches, even the cheapest ones, can keep ticking for at least 40 years with proper care. An excellent automatic watch will serve you well for decades.

What Are the Proper Ways to Take Care of a Mechanical Watch?

You can do several easy things to keep your watch working for longer. Like most things, the outcome can be dramatically improved with care.


An easy and straightforward option. Keeping the watch wound on a frequent basis will help with its longevity. Wearing it or just winding it will help loads.


Keeping your watch clean is something that should go without saying. Dust, dirt, and pollution will accumulate on your watch with time, so thoroughly wipe it down with a microfiber cloth frequently.

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